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Electric Motor Repair Shop will help you with any electrical and mechanical problems. Our state of the art repair facility can handle large and small equipment repairs of all sorts. In addition, we have a fleet of service trucks which can bring our trained technicians to you.

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24 Hour Service
Motor Rewinding
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Computerized Balancing
Vibration Analysis
Predictive maintenance
Thermal Scanning

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Electric Motor Shop is an Authorized Baldor Motor Service Center.


 Our Electricians and Repairmen are trained and Certified in Confined Spaces and NFPA 70E "Arc Flash"


NFPA 70E outlines the specific practices and standards to be followed in protecting a workplace from arc flash and other electrical hazards. It includes the use of special suits and tools.


 A confined space has limited or restricted means for entry or exit, and it is not designed for continuous employee occupancy. Confined spaces include, but are not limited to underground vaults,tanks,storage bins,maholes,pits,silos,process vessels, and pipelines.


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Electric Motor Shops Vacuum Pressure (VPI) Impregnation System  

The VPI process, VPI occurs after the motor stator has been rewound. The stator is lowered in the tank and the lid closed. A vacuum is then pulled to the desired vacuum level, then held for a specified period of time.
At this time the transfer valve is opened and the resin is transferred from the storage tank into the processing tank filling it until the stator windings are completely immersed. The transfer valve is then closed and the tank is held under vacuum for a short period of time. The tank is then pressurized and held again for a predetermined time which forces the resin through the multiple layers of wire and insulation (filling all voids).

Conventional varnishes are composed of 50% or more solvent, which evaporates during the bake cycle and allows for only a partial fill of these voids. This process provides superior electrical insulation and a coil system that is impervious to moisture, contamination and corrosive chemicals. These products also provide improved cooling characteristics and a coil that is virtually vibration free.